Man who doesn't watch Game of Thrones no longer fits in society – Warped Wales

Man who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones no longer fits in society


A man who is yet to watch any Game of Thrones episodes no longer has a place in society, it has emerged.

Martin Jones, 34, claims he’s been too busy to make such a big time commitment to the series, which has the rest of the world on tenterhooks.

Neighbour Ed Price, who had a Game of Thrones marathon last week just to sharpen up his knowledge, said: “He used to be OK, but I don’t think I can trust him anymore. What the hell am I supposed to talk to him about now, his garden or his stupid family? No, he’s on his own, the strange man”.

Jones, who has now been cut off from family members, coworkers and even staff in restaurants, claims he is starting to feel lonely. “I know who John Snow is at least. And I know that he knows nothing. See, I know a bit”, he said in desperation.

“He got that off a meme the pathetic bastard”, added Ed.