Mold Commonwealth Games 2026 bid a tad optimistic, say experts – Warped Wales

Mold Commonwealth Games 2026 bid a tad optimistic, say experts


A bid from the town of Mold to host the Commonwealth Games in 2026 has been labelled “a little optimistic”.

The town is facing stiff competition from the likes of Sydney, Manchester and even Delhi for the right to host the prestigious event, but claim they can have their facilities ready at a moment’s notice.

Town Councillor Richard Price, who is managing the Flintshire town’s bid, said: “We’ve got a 26-seater stadium ready for the opening ceremony. It should’ve been 28, but two of the seats are broken. I’m sure we can muster up some camping stools from somewhere should more people than expected turn up.”

Commonwealth Games committee member, Andre Parker, is overseeing all the bids. “We have looked at their bid and will get back to them, so I can’t give anything away”,  he explained.  “Although I would say this, their plans to suspend all events on Wednesdays and Saturdays to accommodate their usual market day schedules did raise a few eyebrows”. 

When asked how he expects the town will raise the estimated two billion pounds required to invest in infrastructure, Councillor Price added: “To be perfectly honest, I didn’t realise it was that much. We best organise a raffle or something” .