‘Mullet’ craze sweeps through Denbigh. (includes gallery) – Warped Wales

‘Mullet’ craze sweeps through Denbigh. (includes gallery)



The 80’s phenomenon the ‘mullet’ has stormed into fashion across the town of Denbigh this Autumn, according to local hairstylists.

“It’s not so much that it’s returned to Denbigh, more that it’s only just arrived in Denbigh”, explained hairstylist Julie Davis. “Is this style hot in Denbigh right now? That’s a good question, let me just mullet over for a minute…yes, yes it is. See what I did there?”

Julie said that she is now mobile and will travel as far as Afonwen at no extra charge. She added: “Some Denbigh locals have kindly modelled the new look so I can show my new customers. For those interested in the Denbigh look, please get in touch”. Images provided below:




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