Outrage in Wrexham as gym offers ‘Purple Aki’ managerial role – Warped Wales

Outrage in Wrexham as gym offers ‘Purple Aki’ managerial role

Akinwale leaving the interview this morning


Anger was sparked within the community of Wrexham this week after a well known gym offered a vacant managerial role to Liverpudlian muscle enthusiast ‘Purple Aki’.

Aki, who will be overseeing fitness classes that involve flexing, lunging and squatting, will begin his new job next week, and has promised to bring his own unique style of fitness to all the regulars.

“We understand the concerns, but Akinwale knows a decent bicep when he sees one, and it’s that kind of knowledge that will drive in the punters”, explained a spokesman for the gym chain. “If you can impress Aki, you know you’re doing something right. I’m not sure why he insists on bringing a camera and tape measure to work everyday, but I suppose he’s just a bit quirky”.

Gym regular Mike Thomas said: “At first I thought it was outrageous and nearly cancelled my membership, but if I’m going to be completely honest, the insecure and vain part of me is keen to find out if he takes an interest in me –

“I’ve been really hitting the free weights hard lately and nobody has bothered to notice, so maybe I can finally get the attention I deserve”.