Pokémon-style app could be used to catch dole cheats – Warped Wales

Pokémon-style app could be used to catch dole cheats



Those abusing the benefit system could soon be tracked and caught using a new augmented reality app, similar to the hugely popular Pokémon GO game, it’s been announced.

The downloadable app will enable anyone to seek out and report those who have claimed for a disability that doesn’t exist, wrongfully received council tax discounts, or even anyone who has failed to attend a Back to Work Assessment at the Job Centre.

The app is currently being trialled across the UK, and early users have said that a total of 37 benefit cheats have been nabbed already.

28-year-old James Price, who was lucky enough to trial the app, said: “I’m on level 3 right now after I bagged myself some council estate girl claiming to be living alone when she actually had a boyfriend. It was a double-whammy too as he was claiming disability for a back problem that turned out to be total bollocks”.

He added: “I’m addicted. If I spend enough time on this I think I can reach level 50 in a few weeks time. Or I could just go to Rhyl and get it done in one afternoon”.