Teacher suspended for Glan-llyn 'Black Nun' prank – Warped Wales

Teacher suspended for Glan-llyn ‘Black Nun’ prank



A secondary school teacher from Wrexham has been suspended facing further action after a ‘Black Nun’ prank at Glan-llyn “quickly got out of hand”, it has emerged.

Dressed in a genuine nun robe with eyeliner and fake blood, English teacher Emma Parry proceeded to sneak quietly into the dormitory of the popular activity centre in Bala, where 35 children were sleeping.

Miss Parry then woke the children with a high pitch cackle, before illuminating her terrifying face with a torch she’d stolen from the centre’s utility shed.

“All hell broke loose”, said fellow teacher, Michael Ward. “Six kids fainted, two tried to attack her and five actually ran away. We’re still trying to find them. One of them is pale as a sheet, staring at a wall rocking back and forth. We didn’t want this to happen”.

“I was going to join in with the prank too, but a bloke dressed up in a woman’s outfit in a room full of sleeping kids can have different implications”.