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Very Welsh Driving Problems

Very Welsh Driving Problems


Roadblocks Can Be Interesting…

“I’ve got all day, mate”

If you thought temporary traffic lights were a pain in the ass, try coming up against him. These woolly bastards are as stubborn as mules and as brave as lions. Thou shalt not paaaaass.


No Such Thing as a Ten Minute Journey

We suspect that some farmers leave during the rush hour on purpose just for a laugh. Well, maybe not, but in some of Wales’ more rural areas, which pretty much accounts for everywhere bar Cardiff city centre, being at the arse end of a tractor for hours is a common pastime.


If you’re visiting Wales and you’re lost, you’re screwed. Don’t kid yourself and think the local road signage will hold the answer to your prayers. To the locals they mean something, but to you, my weary traveller, our road signs are but a string of indecipherable double d’s and L’s. Make yourself at home, you may be here a while.

Pot Holes? Try Moon Craters.

We do things properly in Wales, and that includes pot holes. One pot hole in Denbighshire is said to be so big, a recent search inside it revealed three dead sheep, a caravan and a hatchback full of scousers who went missing on a daytrip to Prestatyn in 1992.


The A55 on Bank Holiday Weekends

While the rest of the country thinks it’s a brilliant idea to head to North Wales for the Bank Holiday, those of us who live here aren’t so sure. It takes us about 12 hours to get from work, and all just so you can spend a long weekend pissing in a bucket in Towyn. Cheers!

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