Dyslexic man lives in Caergwrle and dies in Hope – Warped Wales

Dyslexic man lives in Caergwrle and dies in Hope

A local man who lived most of his life in Caergwrle died in nearby Hope last week, it has been announced.

It’s thought that 75-year-old David Jones suffered from a mild form of dyslexia, causing his brain to mix up letters and words.

“He always did get things arse about face, or face about arse as he used to say”, explained neighbour, Joyce Edwards. “The man couldn’t even conform to a simple local proverb, it’s quite sad really”.

In spite of his condition, David was said to have been a very fastidious man, and had already pre-arranged his own funeral by attempting to book a cremation. He even requested the hymn ‘There is a Redeemer’ to be sung at his service.

After attending the funeral, Joyce said: “It was a unique experience. We all sang Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer while he was cryogenically frozen. It’s not my idea of a nice send off but that’s what he requested”.