Netflix down: Man forced to speak to wife – Warped Wales

Netflix down: Man forced to speak to wife



A Netflix outage has left a man with no choice but to verbally communicate with his wife tonight, it’s been revealed.

40-year-old Mike Jones was three episodes into the latest hit series Stranger Things when he was unexpectedly disconnected, thrusting back into the real world.

“I forgot she still lived here”, he said whilst desperately refreshing the Netflix tab on his TV. “I think she planned this. She’s somehow instigated this UK-wide outage just so she can ‘have a chat about things’.

“I know I missed her mum’s funeral, but they’d just released more episodes of Only Fools. I’m just as much a victim as she is”

As the night progressed, Jones was then approached by his 12-year-old daughter, who hoped to use the unusual downtime as an opportunity to get to know her father.

“I’ll just download Amazon Prime, there’s got to be something on there”, he said.

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