Sony finally prosecuting historic 'PlayStation chipping' offenders – Warped Wales

Sony finally prosecuting historic ‘PlayStation chipping’ offenders



Electronics giant Sony are finally getting round to prosecuting hundreds of gamers guilty of PlayStation ‘chipping’ offences dating back almost twenty years, it’s been revealed. Over 200 people have already been arrested across the UK, with many more apparently on the radar.

‘Chipping’ was a process that involved a console’s hardware being altered in such a way that it could read illegally copied games. The practice was widespread in the 90s, and only now are police getting round to apprehending the ‘big fishes’ that swam in the murky underground world.

Detective inspector Nigel Parker, who is leading ‘Operation Bandicoot’ said: “We’ve picked up one guy this morning who used to offer the full service for 15 quid from his own home. He’d even throw in an illegal copy of Tekken 2 or Final Fantasy VII to draw in the customers, the twisted bastard.”

DI Parker went on to explain that their next task will be to apprehend everyone in the early 2000’s who was daft enough to buy genuine copies of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ over the more respected FIFA.

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