Arriva's X55 route to Chester now includes Glasgow – Warped Wales

Arriva’s X55 route to Chester now includes Glasgow


The Arriva X55 service from Mold to Chester will now include Luton, Walsall and Glasgow, it’s been revealed. The journey, which currently takes four days, six hours and seven minutes, will now zig-zag its way through every residential street in the UK before finally arriving at its destination.

Arriva executive Mike Peters, who announced the new stops today said: “It’s great that we’re able to expand this route even further. Once we’ve picked up from Luton Airport and done a sweep of Milton Keynes, it’s straight to Glasgow via Walsall, then back down to Chester. Easy peasy”.

“At the rate the route is expanding, it’s possible that passengers hoping to head to Chester for a few hours may even require a passport by 2022”.

When asked if Arriva will be installing toilets on the coaches for passengers looking to make the full journey, he said: “The answer is of course no. The journey time has only been extended by a mere 15 days, they’ll just have to hold it in.”

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