Determined Wrexham man bets his wife £50 he can quit gambling – Warped Wales

Determined Wrexham man bets his wife £50 he can quit gambling


A Wrexham man desperate to rid himself of his gambling addiction has demonstrated his desire to quit by betting his wife £50 that he has the willpower to do it.

34-year-old Tim Price has suffered with his problem since his late teens, a problem that has left him with thousands of pounds of debt and no social life.

“He’s massively addicted to online roulette”, wife of 6 years Sandra explained. “In fact, he’s attracted to all types of high-stake gambling, it’s a huge problem. I confronted him about it and he broke down. It was at that point he promised he’d change”.

“The problem I have is that I’ve heard it all before. He’s made promises he doesn’t keep many times and I’m tired of it. To really prove to me that he’s going to stick to his promise, he bet me £50 that he’ll succeed.

“It’s been a week since he made that promise, and he’s going strong, bless him. Everytime I ask him how he’s doing he feels so confident that he keeps doubling the stake each time, I’m really proud of how confident he is in himself”.

The bet now stands at £1,600, and Price says he’s feeling confident, so much so that he’d stake his house on it.